Body n Sole Leg & Foot Spa Ice Mist
Horse ChestnutLicorice RootGotu KolaButchers BroomLavender OilTea Tree OilPeppermint OilHappy Heels Body n’ SoleLeg & Foot Spa Ice Mist will help relieve swelling, stimulate blood flow, and deodorize puffy, tired, overworked legs and feet! The combination of ingredients promotes venous circulation...
₱499.00 ₱399.20
Sweat Stop Foot Massage Absorbing Powder
Emu OilLavender OilTea Tree OilShea ButterPeppermintHappy Heels Sweat Stop was born out of a light and whispery dream. This foot massage absorbing powder glides on your feet like a natural cloud. Damp feet won’t stand a chance! This fresh-scented, deodorizing...
₱399.00 ₱319.20
Blister Foot Balm
Rejuvenates rough feet overnight, giving even the roughest feet a run for its money. This balm on a stick is the easiest way to heal your heels. Dry, cracked areas will fade away, leaving smoother heels. It softens calloused skin...
₱549.00 ₱439.20
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